The higher in search results you appear when someone, for instance, searches for “Dallas dry cleaning” or “dry cleaning near me,” the more likely you are to get more customers. Virtually every small business in America benefits from boosting their local SEO efforts. Yet, recent studies by marketing professionals have shown that there are 5 small business types that really are the perfect candidates to take advantage of local SEO benefits. But for the vast majority of small businesses, capturing the local market is the best way to bring people in the doors. Proper search engine optimization is the golden ticket to the front page of Google search results. For some businesses, focusing on local SEO is way too limiting, since they serve a national or even global market.

1. Plumbers

Local SEO services for plumbers can be a little bit different than other service type businesses. The reason is, when you need a plumber, it’s likely you are needing a plumber right now. Professionals should take advantage of this urge by providing instructional blog posts, videos and other forms of content that website visitors can follow as a guide. And if you end these guides with a call to action, asking the visitor to call you if they’re still experiencing problems, you still have the opportunity to gain another customer. By providing helpful advice, you show visitors and Google alike that you know what you’re talking about. Those who offer free content upfront win the trust of their audience.  

2. Real Estate

Targeting keywords like “buying homes near me” simply does not work anymore.  Now, hyper-local marketing is the best way to capture an audience. Real estate agents have struggled in the past few years with the emergence of do-it-yourself sites like Zillow. This shift in the market has caused real estate professionals to rethink their Local SEO strategies. Of course, before someone moves to a neighborhood, they want to know everything about it. Real estate agents can capture this curiosity by providing in-depth content on every neighborhood they serve. Now, agents must target “long-tail” keywords, meaning going after very niche searches like homes for sale in a certain neighborhood instead of just a city.

3. Lawyers 

Before anything else, attorneys should create or take over their Google My Business listings, and make sure they’re updated with accurate information. When someone is injured in a car wreck or needs to get a divorce, they want an experienced attorney who is pretty close by and whose offices are easy to find. Many attorneys know this, which is why ranking for certain keywords can be quite difficult. Yet, “difficult” doesn’t mean “impossible. Proper local SEO practices can be a great help. Ask your clients to give you reviews on sites like your google my business page. 

4. Pet Services

 For some pet owners, letting “just anyone” walk their companion or give them a vaccination shot is like asking a parent who has a child. Owners want the best for their pets, but often also don’t want to travel across the state to get that level of excellence. Which is where veterinarians, groomers, dog walkers and the like can benefit from local SEO. For pet services, reviews from past and current customers talking about how great their experience was can be very helpful to others. Also, Having content on trending topics, from the latest pet trends to tips on safely clipping claws, is also a great way to bring in clients.

5. Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants have been one of the oldest and most competitive businesses known to civilization. And it goes without saying, that if you are in a large city or a small town, chances are, you have more than one option for eating out tonight. So as a restaurant owner, how do you get above the competition into the eyes of hungry customers trying to find something to eat? You guessed it, with local SEO. While other industries have more options like video and content marketing to help make their websites rank, restaurants only have one relevant option: reviews. No matter how flashy your website is, if patrons are leaving bad reviews, you can expect to get less and less business. This is why having a great review system set up is essential to have over your competition. 

Today, there are so many digital marketing companies out there, but they all seem to offer a lot of services. Most often when it comes to service-based business ranking, you will want to choose a company that can get you the results you need. Look for specialized services, that suit your unique business needs. Check out Rose & Crown Co. they’re setting a standard for customer experience & beautifully designed websites that rank service or product based businesses within local markets.

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