Every person is a search engine . . . That Includes YOU!


When we hear the word Search Engine we think about Google . . .

Think about it! A search engine is a giant collection of knowledge, data, and specialized information that is organized and located in a central location. When we think search engine, we often think of the biggest ones like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. (Ok just Google, who are we kidding?! Huh?! ) Search engines are obvious because we use them every day and have become so used to relying on them for information.

But if we really stop and think about it, each and every single person on this planet is that highly specialized search engine shock-full of awesome valuable information that is highly specialized, highly specific, and more than likely very valuable to other people! Everyone has gifts, talents, life experiences, and unique skills that they can share with the world.

Guess What? My son and my sister are search engines too!

For example my son is a search engine about movies, toys, and kid stuff. Ask him anything about angry birds or say a quote from one of The Transformer movies and he will know which movie it is, who said it, and which movie it was in. He is a smart boy and is developing his knowledge but already at age 5 he is a search engine. Our accumulation of knowledge and skills starts early on in life, and over time we become a giant conglomerate of information.

My sister is a search engine about anything that has to do with beauty. She blends chemicals in her head like a boss, and has no trouble in determining how she can turn a brunette into a blonde without turning their hair green. (I’ve been told this happens often, ouch!) She knows all about makeup, lotions, fragrances, you name it! She is a beauty search engine, amongst other things.

My point is that each and every single human being has special knowledge, the ability to process information, categorize it, and organize it in ways that search engines can’t even dream of! We are walking, talking encyclopedias (if you can still remember what those were back in the day! )

As it turns out you’re a search engine too!

So no matter who you are, or what your background is I guarantee that you can take your specialized knowledge and create a product to share it with people who are interested in learning more about what it is that you do so well. You have a gift and you need to shine and share it with the world!

Nobody knows the things exactly like you. Nobody will teach them the same way, no one else has your personality. No one else has had the same personal experiences or stories. In all reality there is not a soul on earth who can do anything quite like you. So this means that you can leverage this to easily sell yourself and sell your knowledge through some serious product creation.

Shine and share your knowledge with the world while making some money

So stop thinking of search engines as some kind of technical robot crawling the web and start looking at opportunities that you may have to share your knowledge with the world. You are a search engine, a mighty sophisticated one, you are a powerhouse of knowledge!

Have you thought about creating your own product? Think for a minute what do you believe you do better than anyone else? What are you really good at and could kick anyone’s butt at? What is something you love to do? Something you are so interested in that you could talk about for hours? Think about it. Also think about a way to capture your special ability in digital format for easy sales and distribution.

Package your knowledge and sell yourself : ) 

Google states that more than 70% of search queries are new every single day. The chances are high that whatever topic you have a lot of knowledge in, someone out there is interested in learning more about it. Only catch is that someone out there may be in Canada, or Mexico, or Texas (Hey I believe Texas is it’s own country ok! Just Kidding, well kinda…)

Find a way to package your knowledge and get creative about how you deliver it and chances are high that you may be astonished with the results. Even if you have a job, it is completely possible to create your own product on the side, the sooner you start the sooner you will make extra money!